Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who's Really a "Friend" ?

I re-tweeted an article about the FBI getting involved on Facebook, Twitter, etc. And I have to ask, do we really know who are "friends" are?

Is that face on the avatar really the person he or she claims to be?

Do we know who we are chatting with, sharing stories with, passing information?

These social media sites are a great resource when used properly and we actually get something out of them. But at what cost are we gathering information, making new contacts, etc.?

Are we compromising our privacy? Are we allowing spammers, hackers, pedophiles into our lives without even knowing it at times. I am not normally a trusting person, that I feel should be earned not just given out at random.

But that's just me.

Today's world it can be scary who we are connecting with and maybe not even know it. What do you think about privacy? Are the settings we place as private really private?

A quote from a show I used to love watching... "Hey, let's be careful out there."

Another, rant, rave or any ole thing.



  1. Interesting topic. My Twitter account was recently hacked and it felt like an invasion of privacy. Best of luck with your new blog venture!

  2. I absolutely believe that the settings we place as "private" are not 100 percent private, the people we think we know, we often really don't, and no you can never be too careful in todays world! The very nature of todays wonderful technology and media lends itself to and in fact has created unbelievabe oppurtunities for all of us. This includes those amoung us that are evil as well as the ones who are at the very least opportunists, with a very poor sense of what's wrong or right. And yes, I absolutely believe that there are humans that do in fact prey on others. I have met them, seen what they do to other's in their same species, arrested them, and have interviewed them and they are a part of our world in increasing numbers. So I'm with you and the good Sergeant from Hill Street Blues (one of my favorites) and agree that we all need to be careful out there!