Friday, July 30, 2010

Any Ole Thing: "No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house a...

Any Ole Thing: "No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house a...: "The above title is a quote from one of my favorite football movies of all time. Love football, always have..... love that time of year whe..."

"No one, and I mean no one, comes into our house and pushes us around."

The above title is a quote from one of my favorite football movies of all time. Love football, always have..... love that time of year when the air is crisp. Love the sound of football on TV while the smell of meatballs are cooking in the kitchen, my meatballs of course :)
Although I hate for the summer to end I look forward to the upcoming season of football and my involvement in fantasy football. I am commissioner of one league and I have my own team on another. I love playing the game and I especially love competing against the "guys".....see I am in a league made up of mostly men. I was the 2009 league champion in a league of 12 and me being THE ONLY female to represent that year. What a high that was....beating all 11 guys...whoo hoo.
One owner said to me, "tough loss, especially to a "girl", LOL....get over it dude I whooped your butt!!
I love picking my team, picking up free agents and get that new prospect before some of the men find him as I did with Marques Colston...thank you very much *she grins*.
So it is getting close to that time once again to start thinking of who I will draft, in what round, etc. Now the past few years it has become a "new" trend to take a QB in the first round....did not agree with that, still don't.....a top ranked QB does not get you a sure win. Case in point the year Tom Brady went down, boy that hurt that owner who took him in the first round.
In my opinion I feel you need to lock in a high level back up QB in addition to getting a decent starter but not in the first round. More important to lock in your running backs and wide receivers first.
I am excited about the new season and very excited that my husbands article will be coming back, The Morning After, no it is not about the birth control pill! It's his rant, rave, opinions, and unique insights to all things Eagles. And boy do I love the can find the article The Morning After every Eagles game exclusively on

Thursday, July 8, 2010


The history of the ring that is....what is it and how do you feel about it?

One account:

The wedding band's shape represents an unbroken promise of love and commitment. The circle has no beginning and no end; therefore, the MARRIAGE has no end. It is believed that many past cultures shared the same beliefs about the circles.

There is, however, another theory behind the ring's shape. Many religions consider marriage as "half of the religion." Some historians say that the wedding ring represents two halves coming together to form a united whole. By completing the circle, primitive man also completed his religion.

Blah, blah, blah.........ring, shming, not in today's world does not matter what you have on your finger and if your married or not people do not respect it, honor it and treat it like the symbol it is meant to be.

Ok your turn...agree? Disagree? Opinion? Comment? Bring it............

Friday, April 2, 2010

Why life is forever changed...

So took the new addition (AKA Cherry) to the vet yesterday, discussed all the goings on in this week and half since we adopted her. Discussed all things puppy: sleeping, eating, chewing, growing. So then I mention the new puppy peeing every time she sees my husband when he comes home from work.

Doc didn't miss a beat... "oh that is submissive peeing.....she will eventually grow out of that."

'Submissive peeing I ask...what is that?'

Doc says, "that is when your dog believes your husband is the dominant one, the alpha male", the head honcho (added my title)....LOL. For the love of all things holy, now I have to go repeat this to my alpha male hubby!

Does this Doc not get that my life will change as we know it? I have to tell the man I love... the man who I have known nearly half my life that he is the ALPHA ALMIGHTY! There will be no living with him from this day forward!

So I come home with puppy and kids in tow and have to recount our visit to the Vet when the "alpha" male got home from work.

"Guess what the doctor said?" I ask rhetorically....."He said we have a great puppy.....she is a cutie and a mixed breed and oh yeah you know that peeing she does every time she sees you....?

Well um she will grow out of it eventually. He called it 'submissive peeing' and she does it because she thinks your the alpha male, the dominant one, the bees knees, the greatest thing since white bread..."

My husband took a moment, processed this information and said matter-of-factly...

"You know, you could learn a thing or two from Cherry."

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who's Really a "Friend" ?

I re-tweeted an article about the FBI getting involved on Facebook, Twitter, etc. And I have to ask, do we really know who are "friends" are?

Is that face on the avatar really the person he or she claims to be?

Do we know who we are chatting with, sharing stories with, passing information?

These social media sites are a great resource when used properly and we actually get something out of them. But at what cost are we gathering information, making new contacts, etc.?

Are we compromising our privacy? Are we allowing spammers, hackers, pedophiles into our lives without even knowing it at times. I am not normally a trusting person, that I feel should be earned not just given out at random.

But that's just me.

Today's world it can be scary who we are connecting with and maybe not even know it. What do you think about privacy? Are the settings we place as private really private?

A quote from a show I used to love watching... "Hey, let's be careful out there."

Another, rant, rave or any ole thing.


Rain, rain, go our way, bring more patience again today

I am not a writer. I am not perfect. Life is not perfect. I just think things randomly and want to write them down. Call me crazy for I am not perfect.

Had a great weekend away from home visiting relatives out of state. It was a fun, rain filled weekend, gathering with family and their friends. The trip took us 6 hours, what should have been at the most a 4 hour trip took longer than we anticipated.

I sat in amazement as my kids were well behaved even though they were stuck in the car for so long. I was equally amazed at the person next to me, driving, my husband, normally not a patient man, he will tell you, just ask him, continued driving, not complaining just forging along until we arrived at our destination.

Who is this next to me, I say to myself? Is it really him, the love of my life, is he not saying I am turning around and going home because this is ridiculous? Nope, not this time, not at all. What is going on? Are the planets all aligned? Why the change?

As I sat being the co-pilot I was thinking at any moment the non-patient man will rear his ugly head. I was wrong. Very wrong. And glad I was wrong. And for this weekend I am thankful. Thankful that we made it up and back safely, thankful my kids were good and most thankful for the patience of my husband. I wanted him to see where I used to spend Summers and enjoy my family and we did and he did.

Our trip was mainly for us to attend an important fundraiser close to our hearts but we got so much more from this trip. We learned patience, we learned compromise, we got to see a glimpse of the past, my past which has brought me such fond memories.

I learned to appreciate my husband more because he surprised me this weekend and I am thankful to him for that. I learned things aren't always the same, not always what we think they will be, people change. I cannot wait to go again but next time I think we will take the train... don't want to push the patience card anymore not sure if it is here to stay.

We shall see :)
Another, rant, rave or any ole thing.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Why is life like a roller coaster ride?

Why is life like a roller coaster?

One minute on this incredible high the next plunging downward
scared not knowing when it will end. People handle this roller coaster ride in different ways....some love it and scream with happiness...the thrill of the ride.....others not so much.

Some do not know how to handle it very well at all. Throw up, yell to ge
t we can't get off.
Nobody tells you when your young just how tough life can be......relationships, jobs, kids, family and on and on. How we deal with all of this is a learning process. Why do some handle it better than others? Why is it so hard a times? Why can't we be happy all the time? Wouldn't that be nice but totally unrealistic?

Why do some people seem to have an easier life than others? Do we set our own destiny? Do we make our lives more difficult or easier by our everyday actions and decisions?

Is life "like a box of chocolates.....never know what your going to get"?

I know 'deep post for my first' but this is how I am feeling today. Wish as a kid we were told to enjoy life more because when we get older life just gets sooo hard at times.

So tell your kids enjoy these times now while your young they will be some of the best times in your life.

As I said.....any ole thing....any rant....any rave.....anything!