Monday, March 8, 2010

Why is life like a roller coaster ride?

Why is life like a roller coaster?

One minute on this incredible high the next plunging downward
scared not knowing when it will end. People handle this roller coaster ride in different ways....some love it and scream with happiness...the thrill of the ride.....others not so much.

Some do not know how to handle it very well at all. Throw up, yell to ge
t we can't get off.
Nobody tells you when your young just how tough life can be......relationships, jobs, kids, family and on and on. How we deal with all of this is a learning process. Why do some handle it better than others? Why is it so hard a times? Why can't we be happy all the time? Wouldn't that be nice but totally unrealistic?

Why do some people seem to have an easier life than others? Do we set our own destiny? Do we make our lives more difficult or easier by our everyday actions and decisions?

Is life "like a box of chocolates.....never know what your going to get"?

I know 'deep post for my first' but this is how I am feeling today. Wish as a kid we were told to enjoy life more because when we get older life just gets sooo hard at times.

So tell your kids enjoy these times now while your young they will be some of the best times in your life.

As I said.....any ole thing....any rant....any rave.....anything!


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  1. I follow your hubby on twitter, and he suggested that I read your new blog... this post means more to me today than anything. Today, I felt like my world had crashed around me, and I thought at that moment of being a child, and how nothing seemed this hard. Being an adult is hard. Failure is hard. Anyway, thank you for your rant, rave... etc. I understand you, and somehow feel better that I'm not the only one who feels that way.